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JS Wild Bunch Rig
*See Pricing And Options Below*
Plain Wild Bunch Rig, No Stamping, With Initials
As Shown $345.00
IMG 0610
Border Stamped Wild Bunch Rig With Concho
             As Shown $360.00               
IMG 1953
New Wild Bunch Rig option
This rig will be constructed as described below. You will receive a tapered end belt instead of a ranger style belt. This belt will buckle in the back which allows for the addition of the belt slide for shotgun and rifle reloads. The belt slide is included in the price of the new design. By using the rear buckling belt, it not only allows for the addition of the belt slide but also allows you to get your magazine pouches closer to the front of your body where the ranger style belt causes issues.
New Option JS Wild Bunch Rig
As Shown $345.00
New design Wild Bunch Rig
Click Picture for close up
These are fully lined JS Wild Bunch Rigs. The belt is lined with suede to keep the rig from shifting during movement. The holster body can be lined with suede or leather and is reinforced with steel to keep the mouth nice and wide for a quicker draw. The holster is held firmly in place on the belt by a t-nut retention system. This system allows you to anchor your holster to the belt in your preferred location and keeps the holster from pulling up on draw.  Each JS Wild Bunch Rig comes standard with a 2 1/2" belt, two snap on double magazine pouches, and Weaver buckle in brass or nickel. The magazine pouches have directional snaps, which keeps them from unintentionally unsnapping when quickly removing the magazines.  The entire rig is constructed of 10 oz. split saddle skirting. Including the 5 oz lining, this makes for a very stout 1/4" of leather thickness in both the gun belt and holsters. This rig can be constructed in a variety of exotic leathers  and in black. We can also upgrade the buckle and add conchos to your liking.
*Upgrades will be at an additional cost*
Click Here for Full Exotic JS Wild Bunch Rigs
* JS Wild Bunch Rig with no stamping *
$ 340.00
JS Wild Bunch Rig with border stamping *
$ 355.00
*New Option JS Wild Bunch Rig*
Plain Leather $345.00
Border Stamped $355.00
* Extra Magazine Pouches *
$ 50.00 each, no stamping
$ 55.00 each, stamped
* Add initials up to 3 letters * 
$5.00 per holster
 Remember, each Wild Bunch Rig is made to your specifications. We can always change the buckle and concho style. Add a few more or leave them off all together. I can make it fit your style. Give me a call and let's discuss your needs.